Trump Furious At Own Stupidity

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is in full hissy-fit mode now that his twitter- and free-media-based campaign, until recently staffed mostly by political amateurs, may be failing to win him the delegates necessary to secure the nomination on a first ballot at the upcoming convention. In an exclusive interview with The Hill, Trump declared the Republican party nomination process a "disgrace" and a "scam." In its official response the RNC noted that each state's procedures for awarding delegates were provided to every campaign. "Understanding the delegate selection and allocation is a basic part of the campaign," RNC communications director Sean Spicer wrote.

Meanwhile Republican party officials around the country are reportedly being threatened and harassed from "pro-Trump forces," according to Talking Points Memo. As noted in the Chattanooga Times Free Press , Tennessee Republican State Committee Chairman Ryan Haynes reported death threats against members of the executive committee. Threats were also reported in the Indianapolis, IN IndyStar and in Colorado.