Special Feature: Donald Trump and His "Hair" Enter Presidential Race

In a singularly appropriate gesture, TV celebrity and self-identifying "really rich" guy Donald Trump reportedly paid actors to cheer as he announced that he would run for president.

While comedians around the country rejoiced, here at IsItaRug.com we noted one particular contest that instantly heated up: the competition for most creative approximation of hair on a presidential candidate. Grammy-winner Cher observed on her Twitter account: "Donald Trump can't come up with a hairstyle that looks human, how can he come up with a plan to defeat ISIS,"

After the Republican so-called Leadership Summit in April, Santa Monica Daily Press's Jack Newton pondered Trump's cranial adornment:

Not only is Trump’s comb-over plenty peculiar but what’s with the color? It’s part gray, part blond and part orange. And what’s up with the GOP and orange? House Speaker John Boehner has orange skin and Trump has orange hair.

... Personally, I find Trump’s bombast hilarious, not to mention his hair. Speaking of hair, I believe Trump’s is real whereas Sen. Rand Paul wears a toupee. He adamantly denies it but his locks just don’t look human. (All due respect, Paul’s often been referred to as “poodle head.”)

In fact, Paul’s hair always reminds me of a squirrel’s nest. And, oddly enough, it makes me miss boxing promoter Don King. Well, almost.