Elle Magazine Investigates Rand Paul's Hair

Noting that "[f]or as long as women have sought civic office, the press has commented as much on how they look as on what they have to say," in its May 28, 2015 issue, Elle magazine conducted an in-depth investigation of Rand Paul's hair. In keeping with Paul's status as a member of the GOP clown car of presidential candidates (declared and otherwise), writer Mattie Kahn first consulted comedian Sara Benincasa who voiced concern that Paul's propensity to cut his own hair raised grave doubts about his ability to govern. "He is obviously someone who will take on responsibilities that he really ought to refer to [professionals]," Benincasa told Kahn.

For a professional review of Paul's crinal creativity, Elle turned to Dayna Goldstein of the Ted Gibson Salon.

The fact that he cuts his own hair is crazy to me. As a hairstylist and a professional, I wouldn't recommend that to any of my clients. You know, a lot of people might say that it's kind of cool how he cuts his own hair and takes initiative and that maybe he'll do that in his campaign, but I think it's pretty risky.

Goldstein's recommendations for Paul are the same as for all her male clients. "I tell them to apply some product to wet hair before it dries. It just adds a little volume. Once the hair is dry, then I would go and tame it with a pomade on top." And a blow dryer.

Read the full Elle article here.